Women’s Dresses


There is a very wide variety of dresses for women in the market. Each of these dresses is usually suitable for a specific occasion. A woman should make sure she makes the right selection when they have diverse options. Women’s dresses are available depending body type, color, and other preferences. Every woman should know the basic dress types for arrangement purposes.

Basic dress types for women

Sun dress

These are dresses that are ideal for wearing on a summer day. Usually, tsundressdfghjhgfdhey materials that make them is soft enough to give style and comfort too. They
are quite short in length and loosely fit. At times they may be fitted on the top side but the bottom is always loose. Sun dresses are very good for an outing, picnics or casual trips. Accessorizing these dresses is easy since you only need a piece of jewelry and a flip-flop pair. They come in summer based colors, usually bright color with open necks and no sleeves.

Cocktail dress

Cocktail dresses are meant for events that are semi-formal. They range from tank top to strapped and from sleeveless to sleeved. The basic feature of a cocktail dress is that its length goes up to your mid-thigh. Be careful not to show much of your skin as this is what an ideal cocktail dress should be.

Work dress

Today women rare do normal business suit and instead opt for special day suits. These are both stylish and professional and can include a flared dress or just a simple one. They should be above your knees and too small to cover just the wearer’s posture.

Sheath dress

A sheath can be a fitting or strapped type and is molded according to a woman’s shape. Its length lies just above the knees. The design and material for these dresses vary, but they are suitable for intimate occasions.

Sweater dresses

These are good for casual wear during winter. They normally cover the neck and have long sleeves. The material used is similar to that of a sweater to keep a lady warm.

Bubble dress

These are formal dresses puffy below your waist but fitted from the top. Their tops  are predefined, bubbledresssbut the volume increased as you go down. It is a very popular choice among young ladies and old women as well.

Getting to know these basic women’s dress types is necessary so that a woman can make the right choice from her closet based on the occasion at hand.